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About Us...?

Actually, it's just me, rKizCora, and myself. To describe myself, I'm just a person that does things and makes things.
K-Project is just my own little home for various works. Its official mascot is Kizumi, a mysterious girl wandering in the depths of the unknown.


7th Beat Games | A Dance Of Fire And Ice (2023~)
- Featured Levels Curation
NEXON Korea Corp. & NEXON Games Co. Ltd. | Blue Archive (2023~)
- Discord Community Moderator for Blue Archive Official(GL)
2023 ADOFAI Level Of The Year
- Host & Organizer
- Charter & VFXer (as rKizCora & Team P.A.L.)

Official Art

Illust: フユキ

Illust: TeoC

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© 2021 K-Project by rKizCora | Illust (Kizumi): フユキ | Illust (Cora - The Presenter): TeoC
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Contact & Donations

K-Project by rKizCora
If you have any queries about anything related to K-Project by rKizCora, feel free to contact me at: [email protected]
7th Beat Games
For concerns related to 7th Beat Games and A Dance Of Fire And Ice, especially regarding Featured Levels, please contact me instead at: [email protected]
(please beware of impostors amogus)Donations
Donations are never necessary, but if you want to thank me this way, then it is much appreciated!

© 2021 K-Project by rKizCora


© 2021 K-Project by rKizCora